Photography for Beginners Getting off Auto Part 2!! Starts 8th January

Do you have a digital camera?

Are you stuck in Auto Mode?

Are you scared of all those Menus?

Want to know what all those buttons do, get to grips with the other Shooting Modes? Take control of your creativity?

Now’s your chance to find out!!


Weekly from  8th January, Monday afternoons from 14.00-17.00



Weekly from 9th January, Tuesday evenings from 19.00-22.00


Each course runs for 6 sessions and costs £60

Meet the photographer

Julia Hobday, LRPS, Cert. HEd (Creative Arts)
Julia is an experienced photographer and photography teacher who spent 7 years travelling round the world with a bicycle and a camera; shot weddings and portraits for some years and now loves teaching photography to beginners so they can get the shots they want, not the shots the camera wants.
Ring 07971 974 240 to discuss and book the course!

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