About Us

Charitable Incorporated Organisation Number 1171931

A local charity breathing new life into the disused Nat West Bank building in Camelford.

When all three banks have closed in Camelford in rural North Cornwall, the landlord of the old NatWest building offered it to a charity for community use & the Maia Project took up this challenge.

This all kicked off at the start of the year and since then we have attracted some funding support to pay legal fees, sort out the lease & planning (change of use), do some renovations (the counters had all been torn out) and a feasibility study. A core group of 4 volunteers have done a lot of the work, but we also had help from youth volunteers (thank-you NCS) and donations of advice, labour and materials from many other individuals & organisations.

Open for Business

We have made enormous progress over 9 months – our volunteers have made a huge difference. Many individuals and local organisations & businesses have contributed – it’s a real community project. There is overwhelming support to keep this building in the centre of Camelford open for “business”!

Variety of Business

We have held several consultation events & there is overwhelming local support for the building to be used – it is right in the centre of town, on the main road – we already have several empty shops. There were also many offers of help and support, as well as suggestions of what the building could be used for.
These included:

  • a youth cafe
  • toddler play area
  • seniors’ IT class
  • cinema or film club
  • photocopying/printing
  • Credit Union premises
  • community bakery
  • drama group
  • meeting room(s) for small groups e.g. Explorer Guides, bridge club, etc.

Several of these facilities have recently disappeared from the town – the council no longer fund a youth worker so the youth club has closed, the secondary school no longer offers a photocopying service at affordable prices, there is no bakery or cinema… Also, public transport in the area is very limited – you can get a bus to go to the cinema, but would have to come back the next day!


Visit our Clubs pages to find out more about the clubs that popped up and how you can join in. View our Events Calendar to see when the next session is.

If you are keen to set up your own club get in touch and book The Old Bank for your very own sessions.

Social Media

There’s more information and photos on our Facebook page: The ‘old bank’ – have a look!